Close to the Mabprachan reservoir along its dam is an area that covers more than 170 acres. There are living dozens of stray dogs on that grass and scrubland. One part of the land is inhabited by Thai people. One of them is Khun Prajuab who together with his companion looks after more than fifty dogs. We support him with food and medical assistance. Khun Prajuab called us three weeks ago to help him with a dog whose huge back side wound wouldn't heal. We admitted Nuan to Pattaya Animal Hospital where she had to undergo reconstructive surgery to close the wound. Nuan is now back to her place and is being further treated by Khun Prajuab.

Nuan has a large wound on her back side

Prajuab has caught Nuan

On her way to the clinic

Prajuab has Nuan back

Marilyn, one of our dogs with a birth defect who is headed to the US, is fitting in well with our collection of 50 dogs. She stays right in there with them but does some interesting rolling falls. A running tripod is clearly not very stable. She has been a joy to have around. She gets her rabies vaccine next week so she will be ready to travel in 30 days from the date of the vaccine. Her brother, Slipknot will have if vaccine a few days later. We are expecting both to be ready to travel on 3 June.

We still need help getting together the airfare and some money to cover medical examinations and possible corrective treatments for their birth defects. Please give if you can. Just a few dollars would help. We want to see these guys have a good life.