A friend who looks after four street dogs asked us to help taking a bitch for sterilization. People from a construction camp helped us to grab Samlee and we took her to Silverlake clinic. Meanwhile she is back to her place and we are waiting for an opportunity to catch the second female dog which is not so easy because that dog is very cautious.

Visiting the beach dogs at Wat Amparahm in Baan Amphur we discovered a mother dog with four pups obviously dumped there recently. All five dogs seemed in good health and were quite friendly. Since dogs are dumped at the beach regularly we were prepared to include them in our vaccination and sterilization program. A few days later when we were looking after the beach dogs again we surprisingly met a woman there who told us that the dogs were hers and being "kidnapped" by a neighbor who dumped them at the beach. The woman's account seemed to be reliable and so we were happy watching the dogs leaving with their owner.    

Another bad TVT case found at Wat Amparahm in Baan Amphur where we look after dogs on the beach. Usually we don't approach the other temple dogs but yesterday we went looking for someone who has the keys for an annex of the main temple building. A dog was obviously unintentionally locked in there and nobody answered to its howling. Finally we found a monk who could open a door of the building and when I did so I saw the TVT dog among other dogs in a state if pain. Today we went to take him to Silverlake Clinic but couldn't find him. Will have another try tomorrow.