The Nongprue operations group of the Hope for Strays Foundation, was founded in 2015 although our feeding and caring for strays started years earlier. Our first stray was Pocky. She was starving with terrible skin problems under a building in a temple at less than two months old. She struggled with those skin problems all her life and died at 8 years old from kidney failure due to the high dosages of steroids she had to take. A finer dog never walked the earth.

The dog population grew from 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 and then it took off. In 2015 we moved to a site with one Rai of land, built kennels for about 20 dogs and have been expending our coverage of the area ever since. We currently have 59 dogs in residence on our property but we are constantly finding dogs on the street that need care and feeding.

Our priority is the sterilization of strays to reduce the population. This benefits not only the dogs but also the people of the area. Whenever we can get a stray into our car we take them to be spayed or neutered. We have also provided medical care for a large number of dogs. We run a twice daily feeding route around the area which allows us to not only feed the dogs but to monitor their health. We have managed to find homes for about 20 dogs, which is not as good a record as we would like.

We have joined into Hope for Strays to expand our coverage and improve our services. By being part of a Foundation we can solicit donations to improve the lives of more strays.