Dogs at a hotel complex

Dina, a Russian guest of The Pinnacle Najomtien asked us whether we could take a look at a mother dog with three pups that are living next to the building where she is spending her holidays. Dina said that the mother was mangy and that the pups had skin problems too. We went to The Pinnacle and found the dogs. A few days later we took the pups to Silverlake Clinic whereupon they were bathed, de-ticked, de-flead, dewormed and vaccinated. The next day we took them back to their mother. We'll bath them now every week and make sure that they get fully vaccinated. The assistant hotel manager is sympathetic to our efforts and will have an eye on the dogs. He is a dog lover and told us that he owns 15 dogs himself.

The mother dog

Pups are re-united with mum after being back from the clinic

Pups and mum enjoying life

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