Khun Wilai

We would like to follow up on our posts about Khun Wilai, the lovely lady who cares for 30 dogs but has no electricity and little water at her home. Natalie Thomas saw our post and showed it to her boss, Mikey Lawlor, who is the manager of the Green Acres Animal Rescue, Little Haven, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom. They felt this was a very worthwhile cause, to help someone who gives to animals despite having little for herself. Through the generosity their supporters they raised enough money to have power installed and put a water pump on their well. Once the dry season comes the well will be deepened so they can have water all year.

Hope for Strays Foundation has used the money raised to purchase all the electrical supplies to run the power into the house and provided wall outlets and lights. The power company has set their pole and meter. All that is left is for them to turn the power on.

We cannot thank Green Acres Animal Rescue enough for giving this family, who gives so much to the dogs they support, the assistance they needed.

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