TVT dog found on the streets

On our way to look after dogs in a Buddhist temple we saw a tiny dog barking at us. When we stopped to look closer at her we realized that she suffers from a nasty tumor. We went to a nearby street restaurant and asked people there whether someone could grab the dog to take her into a clinic for treatment. One of the kitchen women went with us to a humble neighborhood and there was a young man who could help us to put Ting, that's her name, into a cage. We took Ting to Dr. Kwanchai's Silverlake Clinic. Ting requires surgery on the tumor and several chemo treatments. She will also be sterilized while being operated at the tumor. The standard expenses for such a treatment are between 6,000 and 7,000 Baht depending on the number of vincristine treatments. Since Ting can be grabbed and her place is not too far from the clinic she doesn't need to stay at the clinic between the chemo treatments. After surgery we could take her every week to the clinic and afterwards take her back to her place. That will reduce the expenses. For the surgery we pay 3,500 Baht and for each chemo treatment 500 Baht.

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