The Hope for Strays Foundation is a registered non-profit Foundation in Thailand that receives no financial support, except for the donations of people who care about the dogs. We have been feeding dogs through the district, providing medical care for those who are injured or sick, and sterilizing those animals we are able to catch and take to a vet. We also operate and maintain shelters that now house 300 dogs. This has been an expensive operation but is becoming even more expensive as we try to expand our coverage.

We can only continue through the donations of people who care about the dogs. If you would like to help there are several ways you can contribute.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations are very necessary to pay for services,  like medical care from a veterinarian, and for food and other supplies, we need on a daily basis.




Because of recent changes in Thai regulations, we can no longer receive unsolicited donations through Paypal. The only way a donation can be made through Paypal is by sending us an email or Facebook message telling us how much you would like to donate and an email address. We can then send a Paypal invoice and you can make a payment against that invoice. This is fast and easy but takes a couple of extra steps.


You can also make a bank transfer to the following account:

Kasikorn Bank - Tesco Lotus North Pattaya Branch

Account Number:  014-2-97751-6

Account Name : Hope for Strays Foundation


We are trying to find other ways that donations can be made and will post those if we can find any.


Donation of Supplies

A large portion of our expenses are supplies we buy to feed and care for the dogs. There is always a list of things we need to buy. The most common needs are:

If you would like to donate any of the above items please contact us on our contact page or by email at


If you would like to help the dogs directly, please consider volunteering a little of your time. We can always use assistance with feeding dogs around the area, give dogs baths and walking them, or perhaps, providing a foster home for a dog while we search for a permanent home. If you would like to volunteer a bit of your time to help these dogs then please contact us on our contact page or by email at

Another option is to use Wise.

You can open a free Wise account at This will allow you to send money to Hope for Strays using a credit or debit card or directly from your bank account. In order to make the transfer the following information need to be filled in for the Recipient (Hope for Strays). You would only need to do this once and it will save the information if you decide to make another donation in the future.