Shelter Volunteers


Volunteering to work at the shelter is a rewarding and fun experience. We depend on volunteers to provide assistance with routine shelter activities but also provide a bit of personal attention that the dogs need. Living in a rather crowded shelter environment they do not get the same kind of attention they would if living in a home with a family.


People often ask us, what can we do to help? Since dogs never seem to take a vacation, there are many things that must be handled everyday. Our volunteers help cleaning up, giving dogs a bath, feeding them and walking them. They also spend quality time with the dogs, Jjust giving them a good head scratch can make the dog's day.


While this just sounds like work, there is much more to it. All of our dogs were born on the street or were abandoned by their owners. By spending time around the dogs, and by giving them personal attention, you are:

    • Helping them to socialize with people
    • Teaching them acceptable behavior
    • Teaching them to walk on a leash with people.

These are vitally important skills for them to learn if they are to be adopted.


If you would like to volunteer, please contact us.


Volunteer Experience (prepare to be kissed)