The Hope for Strays Foundation provides a number of dog rescue services to assist the stray dogs in the East Pattaya area. These services include:

  • Feeding animals on the streets as needed
  • Providing veterinarian service for sick or injured animals
  • Providing vaccinations for stray animals
  • Arranging sterilization of strays
  • Providing housing for sick or injured animals during their treatment/recovery period
  • Adoption services for dogs in our care

These services are provided, primarily,  in the Nongprue, Nongpralai and Pong areas.  Our key priority is the effort to sterilize as many stray dogs as possible to gradually reduce the stray dog population.

Note: We never intended to be a dog shelter but find so many dogs who need care, off the street, that we have filled our facilities and can no longer take in dogs unless they will not survive where they are.

All of these activities cost money and we are dependent on the assistance from the community to continue and expand our activities. If you would like to help please go to our Donations page.