Hope for Strays Foundation

We were alerted by visitor Grace Fong to 12 puppies in need. Over the past two days we have been getting them all their first vaccination and deworming as well as an examination and testing by a team of vets. We have vaccinated the 2 mothers as well. Once they receive their second vaccination in about 2 weeks we will bring them to the shelter and have the mothers spayed. The pups are currently being looked out for by the kind couple shown in the photos, but they do not have the resources to address the medical side. Grace has generously donated some of the money required to care for their two litters and moms. We ask for your help so that they can receive all the care they deserve. Please donate at hopeforstrays.org

The attached video is a short tour of our new shelter. We need your help to complete the shelter, especially the vet clinic, an additional kennel area and trees for shade and noise suppression. If you would like to help us complete this facility, please donate on our donations page. We would really appreciate it.

The shelter is nearing completion, despite all the rain. The kennel areas, including the isolation kennels are basically complete. The vet clinic room is done except for the lighting and some plumbing. The kitchen area is missing a sink and the office needs a window. There is still quite a bit of clean up work but it is getting there.

We still need your help to pay all the bills. Please donate at hopeforstrays.org

Another Construction Update
We have now moved 35 dogs from Bang Saray to one of the new kennels. It still has some cleaning up work to do but is useable. Dogs seem to be settling in pretty good. The other two kennels now being built are near completion as well as some of the internal fencing.
The next step is to build isolation kennels for sick or injured dogs. The area has been laid out but due to shortage of money we have not started construction yet.
We still need your help. Please donate at hopeforstrays.org or https://igg.me/at/VIFPzHRlCS8. Every dollar, baht, euro or yen helps.


We tell a lot of sad stories about the dogs we find on the street. Time for a happy one. You may remember Nomtan, probably the cutest dog we have had in the house. She was adopted by Nahum and Karen. They were new to dog adoptions and were a little worried. They now report they love her and that she big fan of the beach. Working with all the dogs that we do it can some time be a bit depressing. We see so much of the bad that it is hard to remember the good that a dog can bring to your life. To Nahum and Karen, thank you so much for giving her a home and we know she will repay you with years of love.

Due to noise complaints and overcrowding we have decided that we must build a new shelter for our dogs. We have gotten a long term lease on land, not too far from the house and have started construction. Overall the facilities we would like to build will cost about Thai Baht 1 million or about US$ 30,000. We have started a fund raiser on Generosity, which is featured on the home page to this web site, at https://igg.me/at/VIFPzHRlCS8. We really need your help to make this possible. These facilities will provide a safe, clean and secure location for the dogs we have taken off the streets around Pattaya. It is far enough away from people so it should not get the noise complaints we have been dealing with. In the long term we want to add a small vet clinic, and isolation kennels for dogs who have contagious diseases or injuries along with housing and exercise areas for about 60 dogs.

If you would like to give, and we hope you do, you can donate by credit card through the Generosity site or from our Donations page on this website, which provides information to donate by Paypal or by bank transfer.

Please help us make this facility a reality.


We found this puppy near the local laundry. She is the only survivor of her litter and she has not eaten in several days. The people who had her would not take her to the vet. She has been diagnosed with severe blood parasites. Dr. Zin, the local area vet has given us the medicines to administer as she is leaving town for a few days. Another 800 Baht. We will do what we can and hope she pulls through.

She is the mother of one of the litters of puppies we have been caring for on the street. We call her Jack's Mom because one of her puppies, Jack, is living with us now after he had a badly broken leg, Picture below. We were finally able to get Jack's Mom in the car and off to get her spayed. While at the vet she was diagnosed with TVT so we now start the rounds of chemotherapy. She will be fine and she is looking much better than when we first found her with her puppies. Amazing what a little medical attention and proper food will do.

As you all know, this costs money to take care of. Please donate on our Facebook page or our website, hopeforstrays.org. Thai Bank account information is on the web page.

We are very sad to report that Mimi, our ancient Rottweiler, is no longer with us. She had a difficult life spending much of it tied to a tree. She had a massive breast tumor when we found her, which we had removed. She had further surgery to remove another cancerous tumor. We hope that we made her last few months comfortable and happy. She passed away peacefully on July 9th. She was a big gentle sweetheart and she will be missed.