The little ones were born at our house about 7 days ago. The mother was abandoned and was found , malnourished and very pregnant. We took her in and a few days later she delivered these 5 lovely little ones. Mom has some serious health problems and needs a complete hysterectomy very soon. The vets are treating her for blood parasites before she can have the surgery and want the puppies to be old enough to feed themselves before the surgery. Once it is done she will no longer produce milk. They are all healthy and mom is slowly gaining a little weight.  

These little guys were born in a tapioca field. This is the third set of puppies from the same mother that we have cared for. We have tried many times, ourselves and with dog catchers, to catch the mother and have her spayed. She is like a phantom. She senses people in the area and disappears. Even when we are feeding her she never appears until after we have left the area. 

We really want to find a home for these little ones. The owner of the tapioca field has threatened the previous letters with poisoning. We just do not have room for them.