Rich is one of the puppies we have been feeding in a local garbage dump. He was hit by a car yesterday and has two badly broken hind legs. He will be staying in the Pet Buddy clinic for several days and then we will need to take him into the house until he is fully healed. Initially, they must treat blood parasite before they can do any surgery. They will then fix each leg one at a time. This is going to be very expensive and we need your help. It is now looking like the bill could go up to Baht 20,000. Please help if you can.

You can donate using the donate button on our Facebook page, through our web site, or through our Thai bank account at:

Kasikorn Bank - Tesco Lotus North Pattaya Branch
Account Number: 014-2-97751-6
Account Name : Hope for Strays Foundation

Mimi, our ancient Rotty, is very sick. She needs another surgery but the doctor is not sure she can survive it. Blood tests have been taken and we will get the results tomorrow and make a decision. We don't know how old Mimi is but she is old. Signs point to liver problems along with a severe uterine infection. She is still a sweetheart. She can't stand up by herself anymore, very sore joints. But she still appreciates a good head scratch. If she doesn't make it then at least her last few months were safe and comfortable.

Numtarn is a 2 month old puppy who was abandoned by her mother and siblings. We have taken her in and will look after her until we can find someone to give her a home. She is a really cute little ball of fur.