We tell a lot of sad stories about the dogs we find on the street. Time for a happy one. You may remember Nomtan, probably the cutest dog we have had in the house. She was adopted by Nahum and Karen. They were new to dog adoptions and were a little worried. They now report they love her and that she big fan of the beach. Working with all the dogs that we do it can some time be a bit depressing. We see so much of the bad that it is hard to remember the good that a dog can bring to your life. To Nahum and Karen, thank you so much for giving her a home and we know she will repay you with years of love.

Due to noise complaints and overcrowding we have decided that we must build a new shelter for our dogs. We have gotten a long term lease on land, not too far from the house and have started construction. Overall the facilities we would like to build will cost about Thai Baht 1 million or about US$ 30,000. We have started a fund raiser on Generosity, which is featured on the home page to this web site, at https://igg.me/at/VIFPzHRlCS8. We really need your help to make this possible. These facilities will provide a safe, clean and secure location for the dogs we have taken off the streets around Pattaya. It is far enough away from people so it should not get the noise complaints we have been dealing with. In the long term we want to add a small vet clinic, and isolation kennels for dogs who have contagious diseases or injuries along with housing and exercise areas for about 60 dogs.

If you would like to give, and we hope you do, you can donate by credit card through the Generosity site or from our Donations page on this website, which provides information to donate by Paypal or by bank transfer.

Please help us make this facility a reality.