These two dogs have been abandoned in an empty house with no one to care for them. We are feeding them but they both suffer from TVT. The cost of treatment will be about Baht 5,000, which we do not have. We cannot bring them into the shelter until they have been treated as we have no available isolation areas. Please help if you can. You can get the donation information at

The construction work on the additional kennel areas and the rain covering in front of the office is complete. We want to give a big thank you to Pat Lee of the Green Living Group for donating Baht 15,000 towards this work. The total cost came to Baht 42,000. We would really appreciate additional donations as we are running out of funds to provide the necessary services for the dogs due to the cost of the construction.

Today we had a visit from a group from KFC from countries from Russia, Eastern Europe down to Cyprus. They brought dog food, shampoo and rice. It always makes us happy to have visitors who are interested in what we are doing and they certainly enjoyed playing with the puppies. They were brought to us by the friendly folks at Anex Tour. Thank you all so much.