New Puppies

A female had 9 puppies in a jungle area near us. We have been feeding the mother and puppies until a week ago when the mother was found drowned in a pond. We have now taken the puppies into the shelter and are caring for them. One has been adopted so far. They are a little less than 2 months old. Very unusual, but they are all male. We are trying hard to find them all a home.

4 thoughts on “New Puppies

  1. Sawadee khrap.
    I have a friend in Pattaya who is caring for some puppies. There were 9 puppies but now only 4 left. She is trying very hard, giving them food, water and playing with them, but she can’t stop other dogs attacking them.
    She takes them inside, but they don’t stay. Is there somewhere she can take them so that they are safe?
    She is getting soo upset.
    Thank you

    1. We truly wish we could help but we have 150 dogs in a shelter designed for 80 and are overflowing. We trying to take in all we can but since we get very few adoptions we can’t take any more in at this time.

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