We found this puppy near the local laundry. She is the only survivor of her litter and she has not eaten in several days. The people who had her would not take her to the vet. She has been diagnosed with severe blood parasites. Dr. Zin, the local area vet has given us the medicines to administer as she is leaving town for a few days. Another 800 Baht. We will do what we can and hope she pulls through.

She is the mother of one of the litters of puppies we have been caring for on the street. We call her Jack's Mom because one of her puppies, Jack, is living with us now after he had a badly broken leg, Picture below. We were finally able to get Jack's Mom in the car and off to get her spayed. While at the vet she was diagnosed with TVT so we now start the rounds of chemotherapy. She will be fine and she is looking much better than when we first found her with her puppies. Amazing what a little medical attention and proper food will do.

As you all know, this costs money to take care of. Please donate on our Facebook page or our website, hopeforstrays.org. Thai Bank account information is on the web page.

We are very sad to report that Mimi, our ancient Rottweiler, is no longer with us. She had a difficult life spending much of it tied to a tree. She had a massive breast tumor when we found her, which we had removed. She had further surgery to remove another cancerous tumor. We hope that we made her last few months comfortable and happy. She passed away peacefully on July 9th. She was a big gentle sweetheart and she will be missed.

Mimi has now been on anti-inflammatory medication for almost two weeks. She still cannot stand up without a lot of assistance and has trouble walking when she is on her feet. She is eating well but you have to bring the food to her. At this point I am not sure there is much else we can do except keep her as comfortable as possible.


We have fallen a little behind posting here. Wanted to give an update on Rich, our young dog who was hit by a car.

Rich is also not doing so well. He had multiple breaks in both hind legs and he spine. He was suffering from blood parasites and by the time that was treated the bones had started to knit together. The only surgery that could be done at that point was to re-break his legs and set them. The vet did not want to do that.

He can walk, on three legs, but it is very difficult.In the house, on the smooth floors, he drags his hind legs behind him. We will keep giving him as much exercise as he can handle and try to strengthen the hind legs. We have another dog who broke his hip and he has gotten back about 80% of the use of the leg, even though the bones are no longer connected to his hip.

Hopefully Rich can reach the point where he can move freely around the house and the yard. The only up side is that he seems to be in no pain.