Uan was hit by a car and suffered a badly broken back. She is a sweet soul who we want to give a good life. We need help to care for her properly. The current cost for her basic care is $40-50/month (Baht 1200-1500). If you would like to sponsor Uan you can set up a recurring donation at, or a single donation at
You can also use a bank transfer to:
Kasikorn Bank - Tesco Lotus North
Pattaya Branch
Account Number: 014-2-97751-6
Account Name: Hope for Strays Foundation

Please help us help Uan


Hina is a beautiful young girl. She was at a construction camp and was being threatened by people and attacked by other dogs. She had a wound on her leg that became infected. She is now healthy, spayed and fully vaccination and she needs a home. We think she is about 6 months old and is a medium sized dog. If you are looking for a young dog you could not find a much cuter one.

We want to thank Dr. Kwanchai at the Pattaya Animal Hospital who gave her an antibiotic injection and provided antibiotics for us to treat her at home. All for free.


A female had 9 puppies in a jungle area near us. We have been feeding the mother and puppies until a week ago when the mother was found drowned in a pond. We have now taken the puppies into the shelter and are caring for them. One has been adopted so far. They are a little less than 2 months old. Very unusual, but they are all male. We are trying hard to find them all a home.